The Penguin Effect On Keerthy?

Mahanati remains a film to boast and be proud of, for Keerthy Suresh as she scored bug duds with other big-ticket films like Agnyaathavaasi, Saamy Square and Mandmadhudu 2 before and after that classic film. Her Sarkar with Vijay was a hit but Keerthy’s role is not more than a guest role in that.

Apart from these, a huge expected recent film of Keerthy Suresh, Penguin turned out to become a big disappointment. This misfired abduction thriller is heard to have become a real-time horrific nightmare for the producers of Miss India, Keerthy’s next film. Penguin was marketed in an adept way to attract hype around it, which helped with its OTT release.

The effect of Penguin’s failure seems to be falling big on Keerty Suresh’s next film line up. If the reports are to be believed, Miss India and Good Luck Sakhi are struggling to garner attention in business circles for the release as Keerthy Suresh’s name itself is not helping in building hype around any film post-Penguin. It looks like the Penguin effect is denting the market of these films, both in OTT and the theatrical release.

Keerthy Suresh’s Miss India is a romantic drama directed by Narendra Nath and is planned to release in April this year. Good Luck Sakhi is a sports rom-com directed by the famous Nagesh Kukunoor. He is said to have insisted on making this film with Keerthy Suresh after watching Mahanati, though he initially wrote the script fifteen years back.