In Conversation With Ever Charming Nidhhi Agerwal

Ismart beauty Nidhhi Agerwal joined our candid conversation on Get Set Gulte today. Nidhhi Agerwal shared many interesting things about herself as well as her upcoming movie Hero. Here is the excerpt from the conversation.

You have come back to Telugu films with Hero, longtime after your super successful Ismart Shankar. So how are you feeling?

It is great to be back. The gap was due to Covid, which I don’t like. It is still fine because I have been working in the gap. I have come back with vengeance and I will have four back-to-back releases. Gap Raadu Rakudadhu, Covid kuda Rakudadhu (Laughs).

What was your first reaction after hearing the script?

It was different. Actually, it is a commercial film, but the script has some dark humor and it is a little bit kind of an offbeat film. The songs are commercial and the concept is commercial, but the story is kind of offbeat. So I found it quite interesting. I thought of trying it out and I think it will be nice and fun.

Can you reveal something about your character in the film?

I play a vet, yeah a doctor again. The heroine character is very important. It is not like a typical commercial film. The journey is a lot between the heroine’s dad Jagapathi Babu and the hero and his family and of course me. There is a lot of things that happen. Subhadra is my character.

Coming to your co-actor, He is a debutante but from a film family. Have you thought about it if you want to do this? What’s your thought process?

The script is perfect for any debutante. Because, he wants to become a hero in the film. So when I saw Ashok for the first time on the sets, I know he is a trained actor. He is quite prepared and he is perfect for the character.

You have done a music a Music video with Sonu Sood. How was the experience?

Very good. It was directed by Farah Khan, the one director who I always wanted to work with. She is so talented, She just has to set up a frame and perfect. Even after so many years in film making, she still came with shot division and she was following it step by step.

Sonu Sood is like the superhero of India and working with him is like was great.

We all know what your next film is and can you reveal anything about it? (Nidhhi rubs her neck just like Pawan Kalyan does)

It is a period film. So to shoot that film, it is a bit tough. The set gets constructed and Covid hits and they had to cancel the shoot. The first half shooting part is done. I have always wanted to do an epic film in my career and this will be it.

The scale is so big and Krish is such a talented director. He knows certain details that only Krish can get into. I am very lucky to be part of it and the part that I love most about that film is even though it is Pawan Kalyan’s film, my character is not like a song and dance kind of. It is my best character. I am getting the best character in my biggest film!

What If!

Where will you go first if there is no Covid around?

Spain. I always wanted to go to Spain. I don’t know why. or New York.

If you had a chance to do a special dance number, who would you choose as a co-star? Allu Arjun or NTR?

This is very tough. Because both of them are very good dancers. I can’t choose. I want to work with both of them.

What is that one thing you want to do if you are not a star?

I think I will eat a lot.

Period films, Historic films, and Biopics have become a genre everyone seems to enjoy? So if you were to do any of these, what will you choose?

Since I am doing a period film, I will say a biopic. In my lifetime, I would love to do a biopic of, maybe an old actress. I love Mahanati and maybe something like that.

Too Gulte To Be True!

Telugu Industry or Tamil Industry? – Telugu Industry

Mahesh Babu or Vijay Deverakonda? – Hey!! Both!

Idle weekend or Netflix binge-watching or Road trip? – Netflix Binge watching

Cheese dosa, Masala Dosa, or Idly? – Idly of course (laughs)

Bangalore weather or Hyderabad weather – Bangalore weather

Emotion scenes or Comedy scenes – Emotional scenes, Comedy is tough

Will not read social media messages or Not worried about online trolls? – If I am not, i would be lying. Sometimes I end up reading my comments, though I don’t want to. The reason why I am still working is the audience and fans. Definitely, I do get trolled also, but I do get a lot of love. It is part of life. That is fine.

Is Nidhhi conscious when she speaks in Telugu? – I don’t think so

Do you read reviews on – Yes, I do read them. They are genuine.

Do you think you are getting the roles you deserve? – I think with time, Yes. In the beginning, I went with the flow, but actually, this year and the three roles I have done are the best in my career.

How do you feel 2022 is going to change your fate? – Oh god! please be good. I don’t know, but I am praying it to be good.

Have you heard any new scripts? Did you sign anything new? – A lot of conversations going on, but haven’t signed any yet.

Love, action, or emotion. What can the audience expect from the hero and the heroine? – Love, definitely.

One thing you definitely want to do in 2022? – Never thought about it! I would love to do an action film since I have been training a lot for Tiger Shroff’s film. I love to watch an action film and I would love to do it.

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