Buzz: Secret Premiere Of RRR In Mumbai?

Just a day to go and we will be witnessing the magnum opus RRR on the silver screen. However, we are hearing that a first ever premiere of RRR is going to be witnessed tomorrow, but quite secretly. And the buzz has that Mumbai folks will be the first ones to watch the magnificent creation of RRR.

To know the real punch of the film, Rajamouli has first screened Baahubali to some Bollywood celebrities including Karan Johar and they got mesmerized by it.

Even now, we are hearing that RRR will be first screened to some special celebrities in Mumbai and they will be watching it on Thursday afternoon or evening itself. And they will then promote the film in a big way thus giving the film an added promotion.

However, in Telugu states, there is no such celebrity premiere of RRR but the film will be opening with benefit shows across the place by morning 4-6 am in various theatres.

Fans of the film and Rajamouli, in general, are believing that the talk of RRR will be out much in advance if the secret premiere takes place.