KK – A Magical Voice That Lives On Forever ….

It all started from SP Balu… Lata ji, Bappi da, KK.. All these losses leave many of us heartbroken and stumped. In fact, a huge chunk of our childhood/olden days has been taken away today. 

KK was truly a complete generation for us through his music. His death is just another reminder of how fragile life is. But nevertheless, we still refuse to believe he’s gone.

His songs ‘Am waiting for you’ (Oye), ‘Evvarineppudu’ (Manasantha Nuvve), ‘Thalachi Thalachi’ (7/G), ‘Cheliya (Gharshana) and many more made us understand the depth of emotions. Apart from Telugu, KK was Emraan Hashmi’s ultimate hit machine. The duo’s playlist has always been epic and unique.

The demise of KK is another tragedy before the nation could come to terms with the young and talented Punjabi singer Sidhu’s murder. Fans are shattered to see their favourite singers go one after the other.

Dear KK,

The first crush, the first love, the first heartbreak….you were there everywhere. And we are not ready to accept that your voice won’t be making new songs anymore. Feels like a personal loss… RIP Legend.

– A Fan Forever