Exclusive: ‘Five’ Things You Don’t Know About Chay

In an exclusive tete-a-tete with Gulte.com, Tollywood’s most loved star hero Naga Chaitanya opens up on many things including his secret tattoos, love for cars, electronic music, his Hollywood crush, and the gift he has given to his dad on the eve of his 60th birthday.

We quizzed him about five things including- Five Most Googled Questions, Five Unknown Things, Five reactions, Five Things You Wanna Steal, and Five Last Things he has done; In all the five segments, we posed him with five questions each. Guess what, the crazy answers shared by Naga Chaitanya are something you have to catch up inside the video.

On the sidelines of his Friday’s release “Thank You” promotions, the talented actor explained what the film means to him when we quizzed him about the difference he is feeling to say ‘thank you’ to anyone, before doing the film and after. Also at a time when he could simply use visual effects to showcase his slim look for the teenage episode inside the film Thank You, why did Chay opt for rigorous workouts to lose weight? This is something you would want to know immediately.

We know his liking for his pet Hash Akkineni, and one would really be curious to know when is the last time he has kissed it knowing the fact that he’s quite busy these days with promotions. Chay says he kissed Hash last Monday only. And do you know that Jessica Chastain became his favorite crush from Hollywood after he watched the mini-series “Scenes from a Marriage”.

Then we made Chay react to five of his Instagram posts, not to the posts, but to the comments made by some users. While the comments are funny and crazy, the answers given by the star are insightful and funnier. To get more kick out of this interview, do watch the video right now.