After Telugu Actress’ Video, Director Confirms Marriage

Recently Telugu actress Kalpika Ganesh was in the news when she posted something about actress Dhanya Balakrishnan who does character roles in Telugu movies.

She stated that the Tamil actress secretly married director Balaji Mohan (Love Failure movie fame) and is staying with him for the last one year. Later, that video got removed from YouTube after the Tamil actress complained. 

One wonders what is actually going on between Kalpika and Dhanya, but other day director Balaji Mohan filed a petition in Court against the Telugu actress.

He revealed to the court that he was married to Dhanya Balakrishnan in Jan 2022 and in his petition requested the Court to restrain Kalpika from posting anything about their marriage or personal lives on social media. That has now been revealed that actress Dhanya Balakrishnan is indeed married. Balaji Mohan was earlier married and divorced. 

On the other hand, Dhanya played the leading role in a couple of Telugu movies but hasn’t gotten the needful result though she has good skills as an actress.

Though the whole act hasn’t surprised or shocked any, one wonders why a Telugu actress revealed it through YouTube and then this Tamil actress along with her husband knocked on the doors of the Court.