A Hilarious Meme On ’Natu Natu’ Golden Globe Win


For the first time ever, an Indian and Asian song has won “Golden Globe” award in the form of SS Rajamouli’s RRR song “Naatu Naatu” which was composed by the legendary music director MM Keeravani. While this news went viral with almost all the media in India and in Hollywood covering it up big time, here is a meme that is going viral internationally for its satire. 

Apparently, a meme is doing rounds where a politician is whispering in the ear of Russian President Putin that “The West has given best song award to Nato Nato”, and that is literally breaking the internet. For all the well-known global reasons, everyone knows how NATO military alliance is always in direct conflict with Russia most of the time. Even during recent Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO declared that Russia is not their partner and clarified that they will respond to Russian threats responsibly.

Jokes are everywhere that Russia’s next target might be “RRR” makers as they will be thinking that Nato has got the award due to this film. Well, intellectuals are not liking this meme because it is actually taking a dig at the English language proficiency of Russians.

“First of all, a Telugu song has won the Golden Globe, and there is nothing Russians think about it like Nato Nato. First, let’s see if the Americans are getting hurt as the likes of Rihanna didn’t win the award” a user commented.