Is Vaishnav Tej Confirmed In PK’s Film?

Everyone knows that Pawan Kalyan has an immense amount of love towards his nephews Saidharam Tej and Vaishnav Tej. They’ve always stated that they take their uncle as a role model and hope to act alongside him one day. Fortunately, it looks like their dreams may soon be realized!

Two up-and-coming stars, Sai Dharam Tej and Vaishnav Tej, are getting exciting career opportunities thanks to their involvement with Pawan Kalyan. Recently, Sai Dharam was cast in the movie ‘Vinodaya Sitham’, and Vaishnav has just been chosen for a key role in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film. This movie is being directed by Sudhir Varma and will be based on a story and screenplay provided by Trivikram. Pre-production is underway, with production set to commence shortly.

Unfortunately, so far only two members from the Mega Family have had the privilege to star with Powerstar in upcoming movies. Fans have been eagerly anticipating the possibility of both Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Global Star Ram Charan collaborating in a movie together as he is also his beloved nephew. Everyone is hoping for some kind of cameo in his forthcoming movies or a multi-starrer featuring both their talents.