“Skinny White Rat” – Kangana Hits Ranbir Kapoor

After Adipurush, another film from Bollywood is in the making, based on the epic tale Ramayana. The media buzzed with the news and hinted that Ranbir Kapoor would likely play Lord Sriram in the film. Kangana Ranaut, who learned the same, made derogatory remarks about Ranbir Kapoor while discussing his potential role in the film directed by Nitesh Tiwari.

According to insider information, the makers of Ramayan are considering casting Alia Bhatt as Goddess Sita. However, Kangana Ranaut expressed her disapproval of Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of Lord Ram in the film.

Kangana referred to Ranbir as a “skinny white rat” and criticized his appearance, accusing him of needing a sun tan and lacking conscience. She also mentioned his alleged involvement in underhanded PR tactics and his reputation for womanizing and drug addiction, citing his previous attempt at portraying Lord Shiva in a trilogy that failed to garner much attention.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the release of Adipurush, starring Prabhas as Ram, and set to hit theaters on June 16, 2023.