Star Of The Night – Producer Vamsi

Gone are the days when producers used to be behind the scenes. They are also catching the limelight and getting a lot of attention. Some producers prefer to stay off the radar, but a few attract the spotlight. Suryadevara Naga Vamsi is one such producer who falls in the second category. He is currently producing multiple movies, and youthful entertainer Mad is one among them. During the film’s song launch event, Vamsi made a statement for which he is trending on social media.

Producer Vamsi is known for always being honest and his outspoken nature. Even on social media, he is always quick to respond to and condemn the rumors before they spread like wildfire. Similarly, he creates hype for his films during press interactions, and often, his statements have created debates on social media and in film circles.

Last night, Vamsi spoke highly about his production venture Mad and compared it with KV Anudeep’s Jathi Rathnalu. Vamsi expressed his confidence in the movie by mentioning that he would refund the ticket amount to viewers if they complained about laughing less than Jathi Rathnalu. Also, Vamsi excites Mahesh fans with Guntur Kaaram update.

Mad features newcomers, and there aren’t any notable faces in the film. The film’s content will have to do the talking before the release. The promotional material is doing the job, but it needed one big push, which has come straight from Vamsi himself now. His statement has kept the film talking.

In earlier instances, Vamsi’s statements at the press meets, went viral on social media. He gives so much viral content to the meme makers. Everything put together, his funny challenge has now made him the star of last night. We have to see the after-effects of the same once the film hits the screens.