Shashtipoorthi First Look Motion Poster: Promising

MAA AAI Productions, a renowned production house, is currently working on a prestigious film titled ‘Shashtipoorthi,’ featuring Rupesh as the protagonist. The main characters are portrayed by the iconic ‘Ladies Tailor’ movie pair, Rajendra Prasad and Archana. What makes this film particularly special is that, after 37 years since their last collaboration, the duo is sharing the screen once again.

The first look motion poster for the movie has been revealed by the acclaimed director Anil Ravipudi, who expressed surprise and admiration for the efforts invested in the film. He commended the debutante director and the entire Shashtipoorthi team, extending his best wishes for the film’s success.

The directorial debut for this film is by Pavan Prabha, a talented director, and it boasts multiple layers and shades. Rupesh Chaudhary is the producer, and the film has completed 80 percent of its shooting. Aakanksha Singh, a popular Bollywood and Tollywood heroine known to Telugu audiences for films like ‘Devadas’ and ‘Malli Rava,’ is paired with Rupesh in the film.

Director Pavan Prabha shared that ‘Shashtipoorthi’ revolves around the significant life event of reaching the milestone of 60 years, providing an opportunity to fill the void of not witnessing one’s parents’ wedding. The film is crafted with heart-touching dialogues and crucial action scenes, with the protagonist Rupesh undergoing special training for these sequences. The movie spans across various life stages, including a retro episode shot in Tathapudi near Yanam, where Rajendra Prasad and Archana appear unchanged from 30 years ago. The film unfolds across 80 locations, primarily in the vicinity of Rajahmundry, capturing the natural beauty of the Godavari region. The musical journey of the film includes five songs, one of which was shot in Ramoji Film City, while the others were filmed in the Godavari region. The renowned composer Isaignani Ilayaraja is contributing to the film’s music.

Rupesh, the hero and producer of the film, emphasized that ‘Shashtipoorthi’ explores the theme of family bonds and values. He expressed joy in working with seasoned actresses like Rajendra Prasad and Archana, highlighting the commitment to delivering quality cinema with high technical standards. Currently, 80 percent of the shooting is complete, and preparations are underway for the next schedule.

In addition to Rajendra Prasad, Archana, Rupesh, and Aakanksha Singh, the film’s cast includes Achyut Kumar (‘Kanthara’ fame), Tenali Shakuntala, Ananda Chakrapani, Raj Thirandasu, Muralidhar Goud, ‘Chalaki’ Chanti, ‘Balagam’ Sanjay, Anil, KA Pal Ramu, Mahi Reddy, Shweta, Latha, Praveen Kumar, and Sridhar Reddy.