Top Lyric Writer Compromising His Image?

Renowned lyricists often serve as the torchbearers of literary prowess, weaving intricate words and drawing inspiration from epics and Sanskrit expressions. Ananth Sriram, an award-winning lyricist, has long been admired for his contribution to this art form. However, recent events have seen him facing criticism for a shift in his approach.

During the teaser launch of Navdeep’s Love Mouli, where Ananth Sriram hosted the event, he opted for a more comedic tone. While his punch lines, comic timing, and humorous revelations were well-received, some argue that such endeavors are tarnishing his literary credibility. Critics suggest that, given his literary genius, engaging in comedy might not be the most fitting representation of his talent.

In response to the criticism, Ananth Sriram explained that he is aiming for virality. He expressed concern that despite people singing his songs, they may not be aware of the mastermind behind the lyrics. In an era where many individuals, including young heroes and actors, resort to questionable antics to gain attention, there is a fear that Ananth Sriram might inadvertently compromise his esteemed image with these comedic acts.

It remains to be seen whether he can strike a balance between going viral and maintaining the integrity of his literary reputation. Otherwise, the risk is that these comedic endeavors might overshadow the brilliance of his lyrical craftsmanship, leaving nothing but questions about the true essence of his work and the magic he creates through wordplay for singers and composers.