Mansoor’s Defamation Case Against Trisha, Chiranjeevi And Khusboo

When everybody thought that Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s apology for his words on Trisha ended the controversy, the controversial actor is back to hit the headlines. He took a u-turn on the controversy and is now planning to file a defamation case.

Mansoor Ali Khan said his lawyers prepared all the documents needed and now he would file a defamation case against Trisha, Chiranjeevi, and Khushboo.

The LEO actor calls his initial apology ‘the biggest joke’. When he apologized, Trisha responded on X, tweeting ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’.

Mansoor in an exclusive talk with India Today, said he is dissatisfied with the unfolding events. It all began when Mansoor made sexist comments against Trisha. He said he was very eager to act with Trisha when he got an offer in LEO, but he was not given the villain roles where he can have rape scenes.

These comments of Mansoor Ali Khan were condemned by Trisha and many industry people.