Ram Charan’s Wife Welcomes New Additions

Global star Ram Charan’s wife, Upasana Kamineni Konidela, delighted her followers today with a heartwarming post. She shared the joyful news that her younger sister, Anush Pala, and her husband, Armaan Ebrahim, had been blessed with twin daughters. In the pictures she posted, the entire family was gathered, radiating love and happiness.

In which Ram Charan holds mega princes Klin Kaara, with evident excitement and a broad smile. Meanwhile, the new parents, Anush Pala and Armaan Ebrahim, were seen cradling their daughters, beaming with joy. The scene was filled with warmth and affection, making it a truly special moment for the entire family.

In her caption, Upasana introduced the newborns as the “awesome threesome – power puff girls”.
All the members of the family were dressed in elegant traditional attire, showcasing their cultural heritage and adding a touch of grace to the occasion.