Niharika Konidela Upset With Young Hero’s Attitude

Mega star Niharika Konidela was gearing up to kick off AHA’s Chef Mantra as the host, but things took an unexpected turn. The show’s plans hit a snag when a young actor, whose movie is set to release in the first week of March, wanted to use the opening episode to promote his film.

Despite agreeing initially, the actor caused delays by changing the shoot date multiple times over the past three days. Despite assurances that he would finally attend on February 28th, he failed to show up or respond to calls. Eventually, he expressed disinterest in participating, saying that cookery show is not exciting him, leaving Niharika and the entire team waiting in disappointment.

The situation has left many puzzled by the actor’s attitude, particularly considering the show’s esteemed producers, Allu Arvind, and the host being none other than the Mega daughter, Niharika. Her frustration was evident as she pondered the missed opportunity, suggesting they could have secured another guest, even someone as significant as Megastar Chiranjeevi, had the actor not initially agreed to participate.

The episode’s delay and subsequent cancellation have left the team grappling with unexpected setbacks as they scramble to regroup and plan their next steps.