All Is Well! Nayanthara Re-follows Husband

Lady superstar Nayanthara faced a controversy when many people criticized her film Annapoorani for hurting a particular community’s sentiments. The film stirred up a significant backlash, with allegations of humiliation, ultimately leading to its removal from the OTT platform Netflix. Now, the actress made it to the headlines again for another reason.

There are too many rumors about her relationship status. The speculations are rife after she unfollowed her husband Vignesh Shivn on Instagram, sparking concerns of a potential breakup. However, shortly after, she re-followed him, putting any rumors of marital discord to rest.

Further dispelling the speculation, Vignesh Shivn shared a photo of her on his Instagram story, signaling that all was well between the couple. It looks like there was a technical issue that caused this to happen.

Currently, Nayanthara is waiting for the release of her next film, Test, directed by S Shashikanth. The film features R. Madhavan and Siddharth in key roles.