#RaveParty: Hema/Krishnaveni? Bengaluru Police Confused

While the Telugu media houses are buzzing with the name of actress Hema in connection with the Bengaluru Rave Party where a couple of Telugu actresses, business folks and others were raided and tested positive for drug usage, the actress has denied being part of that.

Later it came out that the Police had identified that Hema’s costumes during the raid and in the video she released were pretty same. Here’s an interesting story of how the confusion got created anyway.

Reports are coming that when caught by Bengaluru Police, Hema has first pleaded with them to leave her, but later with the situation not favouring her, she revealed her name to be Krishnaveni.

In fact, Hema’s original name is Kola Krishnaveni as per birth record but she changed her screen name to Hema during her early times in the Telugu film industry back in the late ’90s.

As she revealed her name to be Krishnaveni, and with media houses showcasing her as ‘Hema’, even police are said to have got confused. Finally, they understood the twist Hema had played on them.

Though it is coming out that Hema tested positive for drugs, currently the actress is maintaining silence and after receiving official notices, she might once again come up with a video byte to feign innocence. Let’s see what happens.