This Time A Deepfake Image Of Rashmika!

Rashmika Mandanna, the ‘national crush’ of India, has once again found herself at the centre of a deepfake video controversy. Recently, an image of the actress surfaced on social media where her face was digitally altered and placed on a model’s body near a waterfall.

Back in April 2024, a Colombian model Daniela Villareal shared a video near a waterfall in a bikini. And now, Rashmika Mandanna’s face was digitally inserted into that picture and video, sparking a viral deepfake controversy.

This incident comes after a similar AI-generated video of Rashmika went viral six months ago, raising concerns about the misuse of technology to create misleading content.

In response to this new deepfake image/video, Rashmika has not yet issued a statement. However, in a previous incident in November 2023, a morphed video of the actress wearing revealing attire circulated online, prompting the Delhi Police to arrest the main culprit behind the video in January 2024. Rashmika expressed her appreciation to the police for taking action against the misuse of her image.