‘Casting Couch Exists, But Nobody Forces You’

Not many deny that casting couch exists in all the professions while the film field turns the focus point for its glamour, glitter, and all popular faces. Like many actresses and actors, Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh opens up on the existence of casting couch in Bollywood.

Chitrangada says that the malpractice of asking for sexual favors in exchange for a job or offer, very much exists in Bollywood too, but she says that it remains one’s own choice to oblige or not, but no one will ‘force’ anybody.

The actress says that there is enough space and respect for everyone in the film industry. Chitrangada opines that one has to go with their own choices upon losing offers and she is not going to judge anyone with their decisions to go ahead with the offers if they are ‘comfortable’ with it.

Chitrangada admits that she has seen people asking for sexual favors, right from her modeling career and she face the casting couch in Bollywood as well, she reiterates that ‘there will not be any force’, in it.

The talented actress is writing a script for a short film in quarantine time and also is spending her time working out. Her next film would be Bob Biswas with Abhishek Bachchan, directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh.