Pailwaan Movie Review

| Sports | 2019-09-12

Sudeepa, Akanksha Singh, Suneil Shetty, Sushanth Singh, Kabir Duhan Singh and Others

Director - Krishna
Producer - Swapna Krishna
Banner - RRR Motion Pictures
Music - Arjun Janya

It is Kannada star Sudeep's turn to aim at Non-Kannada markets after KGF has opened doors for Kannada movies in other venues. Pailwaan is a sports based masala film that focuses primarily on elevating Sudeep's stardom further.

What is it about?

Krishna (Sudeep) is a champion wrestler who was taken under the wings of a veteran wrestler (Suniel Shetty). He falls in love and gets married to Rukmini (Akanksha) against the wishes of his coach and mentor. Krishna give up on wrestling and takes up petty works to lead his life. But he is pulled back in to the ring and this time he has to get into the ring of boxing championship.


Sudeep looks fit to play the role of a wrestler. There isn't much scope for him to perform in this role that is loaded with masala moments. Akanksha Singh who romanced Nagarjuna in Devdas is good looking. Suneil Shetty's presence added to the pan India appeal. Sushanth Singh's character is badly written and he couldn't do much to save it. Kabir Duah Singh's portrayal of an arrogant boxer isn't up to the mark.


Krishna's direction is just okay in parts. He did well in presenting the film in a stylish way. The action part and the sports are shot well, but too much focus on masala elements marred the spirit of the film. He should have kept a check on masala stuff and worked on the content so that it would have appealed to Non-Kannada audience.

Songs are a plenty, but none of them could impress. Background score is good though. Cinematography is very good in action sequences. Editing is bad as there is a lot that should have been edited out of the final cut. Production values are superb.

Thumbs Up:


Wrestling Scenes                   

Thumbs Down:

Too much masala

Outdated Romance track

Mishmash of many mass movies

Unrealistic action scenes


Wrestling in Pailwaan is just used as a backdrop for regular masala potboiler. The film is reminiscent of many Vinayak and Boyapati Srinu's films. It almost ticks every box that is essential for a masala film. There is emotion, there is humor, there is romance, there is lots of action and there is also a social message to round it off. Despite having many 'selling factors', Pailwaan couldn't impress because of its botched up script and outdated style of presentation.

High speed shots are used way too much to an extent that they will test your patience after a point. The director concentrated too much on giving a character arc to his protagonist and ignored all other principal characters in the film. None of the antagonists seem reasonable or at least menacing enough. The heroine's role is half baked and so is Suneil Shetty's character. The attempt to build drama using these half baked characters made it a tiresome film.

Predictability has been its biggest problem and some scenes were totally outlandish. The gym equipment used by Sudeep are shown like they have divine powers. There is a scene reminiscent of Thor's hammer 'Mjolnir', which was ridiculously filmed. There is not a single moment where Pailwaan puts a smile on your face in spite of desperate attempts at humor. Needless songs will make you cringe in the seats and look for the nearest exit.

A wrestler turning to boxing towards the end doesn't make any sense. Perhaps the director wants to challenge his hero with an unknown sport. There is a social message included into the narrative out of nowhere. That hardly makes any impact and the final marathon fight scene fails to deliver the knockout punch. Pailwaan is a typical Kannada action film that doesn't have anything to please anybody except Sudeep's fans.

Verdict: A Waste Of Time!