US Visa Backlog Cleared: Applicants Can Book Appointments Without Wait Time

The US Consulate General in Mumbai cleared the visa backlog caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The applicants will not be able to schedule their appointments for immigrant visa interviews within the standard time frame.

The wait times for immigrant visa applicants stood at over two years due to the pandemic. The Mumbai US Visa consulate claims to have processed more than 9 lakh NIV applications at present and will soon surpass one million visas.

The US Ambassador said they will continue to invest in expanding the visa operations. Earlier in March, the US assigned consular officers in Mumbai to clear the visa backlog, when the wait time was nearly 700 days in November.

Now with the backlog cleared, the applicants can schedule their appointments for immigrant visa interviews for current slots.

Meanwhile, the US Consulate Hyderabad has processed 900,000 visa applications and is on its way to 1 million.

The US Embassy in India also acknowledged that service disruptions caused during the transition to a new appointment booking platform. For technical assistance with the platform, the applicants can write to with information on the applicant’s name, passport number, appointment confirmation number, and a brief explanation of the problem.