Janhvi Kapoor Nailing In Black

Janhvi Kapoor, India’s leading starlet, consistently shines in every aspect of her appearance. Whether she’s donning traditional kurtis or dazzling in glamorous ensembles, she effortlessly conquers any look she takes on.

Recently, Janhvi Kapoor graced the runway as the show stopper for the prestigious Amit Aggarwal for the Lakme Fashion Week 2023 event. She left the audience in awe as she strutted in a captivating outfit, donning a structured bustier adorned with rhinestone tubing, coupled with a ruched black skirt. This stunning ensemble was part of Amit Aggarwal’s new pret collection, ‘Core’.

Not only did she dominate the fashion show, but she also exhibited her glamour in a subsequent photoshoot. Her glamorous avatar and impeccable style showcased her exceptional fashion sense and charisma. Janhvi Kapoor continues to captivate and inspire with her remarkable fashion choices and undeniable star power.