KCR: Will Create A ‘Bandhu’ For Every Community

Telangana chief minister KCR’s brainchild Dalit Bandhu is the talk of the town now. He has promised to deposit a sum of Rs 10 lakhs in the bank accounts of select 10 Dalit families in each of the 119 assembly constituencies in the state.

This scheme has already come in effect in Huzurabad, where a by-election is set to be held in the near future. Telangana government will be releasing a total of Rs 2000 crores for the implementation of this scheme in Huzurabad alone.

Now, KCR has announced that he will be creating a ‘Bandhu’ scheme for every community in Telangana.

“In the near future, I will be creating BC Bandhu, ST Bandhu, MBC Bandhu, Minority Bandhu, Brahmin Bandhu, and even Upper Caste Bandhu to help the poor in the needy in the community. We(TRS) will be in power for another 20 years and these Bandhus will be implemented in the due course,” KCR announced.

KCR was heavily criticised for announcing Dalit Bandhu just ahead of Huzurabad by-elections, saying he is trying to attract voters through this cash-centric scheme. Now, KCR has announced that he will be creating Bandhu schemes for every community in the state. It remains to be seen how the government will pool the resources for the implementation of these heavy duty schemes.

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