Jagan And His Costly Advisors!

Rs 83.50 crore in 3 years. This is the valuable taxpayers’ money AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has reportedly spent on his 45 Advisors ever since he came to power in 2019. With another Rs 55.5 Cr in the next 2 years, the total amount the YS Jagan government will end up spending on these Advisors at the end of Jagan’s 5-year term would amount to a whopping Rs 138 crore.

Jagan has laid a red carpet to all his Advisors by offering them perks on par with elected MLAs, MPs and state Governors. All of them have been given a luxurious vehicle, bungalow, personal staff and other luxuries, while 8 Advisors have been given cabinet ranks.

Of these 45 Advisors, 8 were given cabinet ranks and 12 Advisors have been given Category-1 pay-scale (Rs 3.82 lakh per month) apart from an official residence, high-end government vehicle with driver, P.A., P.S., office and personal staff. An additional Rs 2 lakh per month is being spent on their allowances, protocol vehicle, staff salaries and other luxuries. A total of Rs 41.90 crore has been spent on these 20 Advisors in the past 3 years.

Coming to the Category-2 Advisors, 14 of them have been drawing a monthly salary of Rs 2.79 lakh, apart from all the above mentioned luxuries and staff at a cost of Rs 2 lakh to the state exchequer. This amounts to a total of Rs 24.14 crore expenditure in 3 years.

The remaining 11 Category-3 Advisors have been placed at respective ministries and departments. They are being paid Rs 2 lakh per month in addition to Rs 2 lakh towards their staff and other luxuries. Jagan sarkar has spent a total of Rs 15.84 crore on them over the last 3 years. Lastly, the Principal Advisor is being paid Rs 2.50 lakh per month, and another Rs 2 lakh towards his staff and luxuries. This amounts to a total of Rs 1.62 crore in 3 years.

Needless to say, Jagan is under intense heat from the opposition leaders and common people over this blatant misuse of public money especially when the state’s economic condition is quite bad. Many are slamming Jagan’s indifference towards the long-pending issues like bad roads and poor infrastructure across the state. Will Jagan rethink his act and scrap all his Advisors?