Bollywood’s Ageless Man Reveals His Fitness Secret

B-town senior actor, Anil Kapoor is known for his fittest body even at the age of 63 today. He has proved many times that just because you get older, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t be amazing in shape. His age-defying looks are worth drooling over even today and people look up to his secrets and fitness regimes.

Anil Kapoor has recently shared a few pictures of his workouts and also wrote a detailed note about his fitness regime. “I was never into weightlifting nor did I take rest days so seriously but this lockdown has definitely been a learning curve for me in many ways and this is one of them. It’s not all about being locked in the dungeon of my gym, hitting reps after reps day after day. We must take time to let the body rest”.

He added, “When we hit weights we create stress on the body on the muscles from that forced stress the muscle rebuilds itself making it stronger. Rest days are important that’s why I take one whole day off. A day when I relax and enjoy the fruits of a disciplined week. On that day I do all the important things that help me unwind.” Oh! well, living with such discipline is certainly making us tough to believe you are 63, Anil.

The man who stayed in great shape all through his career concluded saying “For we cannot forget a training plan is a long term and the body needs its reward. I let my body take it easy because I know from the next day I am gonna make it work like crazy till the next rest day comes round. It’s a perfect balance of faith, patience and perseverance.”

Anil Kapoor is an epitome of a healthy diet, dedication, consistency and discipline. Without these, this perfect body at the 60s is impossible. He also never fails to fuel his body with nutrient-rich food and stays away from processed foods. Isn’t Anil a living proof that age is just a number?