Anshula’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Producer Boney Kapoor’s daughter Anshula Kapoor is breaking the internet today with his tremendous physical transformation. Anshula is the daughter of Boney Kapoor and his late first wife Mona Shourie. She is also the sister of actor Arjun Kapoor. Anshula shared her inspiring fitness routine and her Instagram is literally filled with beautiful pictures after her glamorous makeover.

Anshula also spoke openly about body shaming and promoted self-love on her Instagram profile. The 31-year-old spoke on her struggles and hard work that went into her two-year-long journey. She shared several pictures post her workouts and captioned “Note to self: Talk a little nicer to yourself today.” Anshula mentioned that her definition of healthy means much more than what she looks like in the mirror.

The founder of charity platform Fankind added that one of her first steps to becoming a healthier version of herself was to acknowledge that mentally she was not in the best place. “I had to address what was eating me from the inside before I could even begin working on anything else. This was the most uncomfortable part. And the most difficult part too. It took so much therapy. So many tears. So much uncertainty. Fear. Setbacks. Discomfort. Self-doubt. Then came the self-realisations. Thus began the healing,” she said.

Anshula added that it has been a two-year-long journey, and she is still a “work in progress.” She mentioned that it has taken her almost as long to realise that her self worth is not tied to the shape of her body. “Constantly belittling or criticising my imperfections and flaws isn’t doing me any good regardless of whether that flaw is emotional or physical”. Anshula added that she is still learning to love the perfectly imperfect version of herself that she is discovering and leaning into. Her inspiring post on self-love added, “Life is too short to live it thinking you’re unworthy or unlovable. I am flawed, and still worthy.”

Anshula is not the first woman from her family to undergo a massive weight loss transformation. Her cousins Sonam Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, brother Arjun Kapoor also left us speechless earlier with their unparalleled determination. Today, Anshula’s transformation made her family, friends and fans super impressed. All from sister Janhvi Kapoor to cousin Shanaya Kapoor as well as her trainers have hailed her new look. Also, Katrina Kaif was amongst the first ones to laud Anshula Kapoor for her amazing transformation. She wrote, “Look at you” to one of her pictures.