We Shall Watch Bigg Boss Show: AP High Court

The Bigg Boss show invites viewers big time and controversies too. Now the matter of the show reached AP High Court. On September 30th, advocate Sivaprasad Reddy filed a petition in the High Court that the Bigg Boss is promoting obscenity and is not following the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) guidelines in producing content.

This petition came for second hearing on Wednesday and the High Court made critical comments that it would watch the show. “We shall watch one or two episodes of the show, in order to deal with the petition filed against the show. Probably after watching a couple of episodes, we will have a better understanding of the show,” commented the High Court.

Meanwhile advocate Sivaprasad Reddy alleged that the show makers are conducting pregnancy tests to the female contestants and he argued before the court that such programs should be broadcasted between night 11 to morning 5 o’clock on television. Advocate Reddy requested the AP High Court to serve notices to the respondents.

However the High Court declined to advocate Reddy’s request and postponed the next hearing to October 27th.