Have a look at costly face masks

The novel virus has become the new public health nightmare and we are desperate in finding a cure for it. In order to avoid getting infected it is highly recommended to wear a face mask (and the mask should be of N95 capable) so that one can escape touching droplets of infected peoples’ cough or sneeze. While many business sectors are getting negative impacts due to coronavirus and global lockdown, one among them is surely the fashion industry.

A few eminent companies are majorly being hit with the corona tide COVID-19 alienating foreign imports as well as exports for fear of spreading/carrying the virus far and beyond. Major retail brands like Levi’s have already shut down their operations/factory outlets in China. Moreover, no runway shows and functional stores make biggies like Gucci, Chanel and Prada begins the production of face masks to help the public safeguard themselves. The masks and a few pertinent products like sanitizer are the most sold products nowadays and the companies are showing their forte’ in launching them.

However, the fashion industry made these simple-looking masks into a coveted fashion accessory. The prevention factor remains gloomy and the aesthetic factor has become paramount as the fashion masks are on with skyrocketing prices.

Streetwear brands like Supreme and Off-White have been ahead of the pack, coming up with their versions of the face mask in their S/S19 collections. People have also been obsessed with fashion masks, however, we keep forgetting the clinical usage of protecting ourselves in vanity craze.

It is no shocker that these masks are selling for way more than they’d actually cost. The four more expensive masks that have been sold online are Off-White for INR 9905, Supreme for INR 5959, BAPE for INR 15015, and Nike – INR 6966.

As the coronavirus crisis leads to equipment shortages, Nike has joined in making medical equipment but a little costlier than you can imagine, the new masks by Nike costs a whopping 16000.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak has held up economic action, threatening to push the globe into a downturn, popular brands like the above-mentioned are choosing ways to attract people.