Vizag Teen Alleges Sex Assault, Jumps Off College Building

A 17-year-old Visakhapatnam girl jumped off her college building and died. The girl had a text chat with her family just before he died by suicide. She was a student of a polytechnic college and she was from Anakapalle.

She told her family she was sexually harassed and blackmailed at the college with the photos of her. They threatened to post them on social media and she could not complain to the institution’s authorities or the police.

She also said that some of her fellow students in the college had also been sexually harassed. Before jumping off the building, she texted her elder sister, ‘Sorry didi, I have to go.’

Police for the call from an institution that she had gone missing. Later in the night, the girl responded to the family’s messages. She wrote, ‘Don’t get tense, listen to me, I can’t tell you why I am leaving and, even if I do, you won’t understand. Please forget about me. I am really sorry. Mom and Dad, I am grateful that you gave birth to me and brought me up. My chapter is coming to an end.’

She also congratulated her elder sister, who is expecting a baby and she texted her younger sister also. She said, ‘Focus on your future and study whatever you like. Don’t get distracted or influenced by others, unlike me.’

When the father confronted the college authorities, to which the college’s principal refuted the allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ because they keep observing all students and men cannot go to the girls’ hostel. The police are questioning other students.