Mental Wellbeing: Post COVID Syndrome Cases on Rise

After recovering from Covid, many patients have been experiencing the post-trauma syndrome. The fear of death is taking a toll on them. They stay depressed or suffer from anxiety and other mental disorders post recovering. In rare cases, some people even find it hard to maintain their relationships and to continue with their life as usual.

The virus’ after-effects are equally traumatic as they self-isolate themselves with the slightest suspicion even with a cold or flu. They have become hyper-vigilant and it is obvious that it tortures them beyond their limits. With PTSD being self-destructive, the covid survivors can still ascend to higher levels of consciousness. They ought to participate in the building of a new world and a new reality.

The recovery period is the best time to stay active and creative. It is time to defend our human values and be co-creators of a higher vibrational reality.  The back-to-back lockdowns and novel virus are not pleasant to the human mind as we are social beings who enjoy moving around and have perpetual interactions. But we all have to put collaborative efforts into demolishing the traumatic experience caused by the deadly virus.

Taking talk therapy sessions and cognitive restructuring can help patients face their fears, gradually, in a safe space or in a controlled environment. With the help of a mental health expert, one can easily get empowered to cope with distressing feelings and thoughts. Certainly, COVID-19 can affect the brain, and produce distressing neuropsychiatric symptoms. But early diagnosis and therapies/treatments will help sufferers reintegrate themselves into society at the earliest.