Watch: Balakrishna Interview – VSR Is The Larger Than Life

It’s just one day away from the release of “Veera Simha Reddy” but Nandamuri Balakrishna hasn’t given any special interviews to promote the film. However, if at all Balayya is coming up with something, then he has to do something special. We should even appreciate Mythri Movie Makers on that note, as the ‘god of masses’ gave a special interview, and he was interviewed by his biggest fan. 

None other than senior anchor Udayabhanu is the biggest fan of Balayya, and she revealed it multiple times. Every time she adorably smiles and utters the words ‘Jai Balayya’, it gives goosebumps to other fans as well. In her special interview for the film, the anchor explored various things as Balayya revealed how he first prepared a getup for the role of Veera Simha Reddy and came out with some amazing looks for songs too. 

Balayya explained, ‘From using cigars to growing a beard, from wearing black outfits to maintaining that greyed hair, I’ve come out with a lot of ideas and director Gopichand Malineni’, as he spoke to Udayabhanu. He also revealed the hard work and pressure the team went through to bring the film for Sankranthi 2023. 

“Director designed the script and got the dialogues written as per my body language”, he said and spoke a lot about Telugu tatvam and the greatness of the Telugu language. At the same time, Udayabhanu also used lines like “Sahasram naam tatvulyam Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama nama varanane”, while praising Balayya and comparing him with his father, the legend NTR. 

On a whole, the interview has stunned even the other fans of Balayya!