#GHMCPoll : What Exit Polls Saying?

With the conclusion of the high-decibel Greater Hyderabad local body election, we enter the chapter of Exit Poll results ahead of the D-Day i.e Result Day tomorrow. Here is what various exit polls are saying about the GHMC verdict. With the voting percentage is estimated at 46.6 percent which is slightly higher than the previous year – 45.25 percent, all the leading parties are keeping their fingers crossed.

AARAA’s Post Poll Survey indicated that TRS would bag 78 divisions with the margin of error plus or minus 7 with an vote-share of 40.08 percent (error margin plus or minus 3). The survey predicted that BJP would bag 28 divisions with an error margin plus or minus 5 and vote share of 31.21 percent (error margin plus or minus 3). The survey gave 41 seats to AIMIM (plus or minus 5) and vote share is 13.43 percent (plus or minus 3). It said Congress would be confined to last. It predicted that Congress would win 3 divisions (plus or minus 3) and vote share would be 8.58 percent (plus or minus 3).

The CPS survey said TRS would win 82 to 96 divisions, BJP would win 12 to 20 divisions, Congress would win 3 to 5 divisions and MIM would bag 32 to 38 divisions.

Third Vision survey said TRS would win 95 to 101 divisions and BJP would win 5 to 12 divisions and Congress would bag 0 to 1 division. The survey predicted that AIMIM would win 35 to 38 seats.

The People’s Pulse survey said TRS would win 68 to 78 wards, BJP would win 25 to 35 wards, Congress would win 38 to 42 wards, MIM would limit to 1 to 5 wards. Interestingly, this is the only survey that had given more seats to Congress than BJP and MIM.

The Pulse Today survey predicted that TRS would clinch 86 to 90 wards, whereas BJP would win 18 to 20 wards, Congress would limit to 1 to 2 wards and MIM would win 34 to 38 wards.

The Jan Ki Baat post-poll survey said TRS would bag 74 wards, BJP would win 31 wards, Congress would get zero wards and MIM would get 40 wards. The survey said others would win 5 wards.

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