The Revanth Reddy Effect: Congress Is Untouchable!

Previously, KCR and KTR used to mock the Telangana Congress, saying it was the only party with nearly 10 CM candidates, and no one knew who would be the CM if the party won. Factually, Congress had too many prominent figures, resulting in a lack of a single leader. This led to the party having too many stances, which Telangana voters did not support in the 2014 and 2018 elections.

However, after the emergence of Revanth Reddy, Congress has transformed entirely. With Revanth as the sole leader of the party and the incumbent chief minister, other Congress seniors like Uttam Kumar Reddy, the Komatireddy brothers, Bhatti Vikramarka, and others are unified and working under his leadership.

Previously, internal conflicts among Congress seniors often tarnished the party’s image, which the BRS exploited as a weakness. But thanks to the Revanth Reddy effect, Congress’s fortunes in the state have changed. In fact, even KCR’s brother-in-law (his wife’s brother), Rahul Rao, has joined the Congress party in Telangana. This demonstrates the dominant force Congress has become under Revanth’s leadership.

More importantly, all the Congress seniors who previously had individual agendas are now united under one roof, as Revanth has provided them with a strong platform to build upon. This is the kind of stability that Congress lacked in recent years, and the problem has now been solved by Revanth, making Congress virtually untouchable. A strong performance in the Lok Sabha elections will keep Congress out of BRS’s reach.”