Pic Talk: Pooja Hegde’s Take-Off Pose Is Amazing

One of the most beautiful and fittest actresses, Pooja Hegde had been amazing us with her yoga poses these days. With her latest pose, it is clearly evident that she is getting the best at it.

Pooja Hegde stood on one leg balancing her body in a ready-to-fly pose of yoga, which is called a Virabhadrasana 3. The stunning the pose is so is her fit look and beauty flaunting the perfect ab as well. The other day she mesmerized all with her head over heels pose and the latest one is even better.

Pooja Hegde quoted it with “Next up.. take the other foot off the ground and fly off into the sunset..”. It looks like she is keen on her fitness and no lockdown or account hacks could disturb or stop her from being fit and fab.