Meme Of The Day: Chiru – Balayya Bromance

South dance numbers are everywhere today! Our screens are figuratively exploring with an alarming level of obsession over South Indian songs. Talking particularly about Instagram reels, several Telugu songs left the whole nation grooving to them. Also, the internet went gaga over RRR’s Naatu Naatu song ever since it was released.

The feet-tapping and addictive dance moves are performed by Tarak and Charan. But, let’s keep the handsome duo aside and imagine Megastar Chiru and Balakrishna in their place. Surely, it generates equal attention and enthusiasm. The meme that we came across today on social media vouch for our imagination.

Megastar Chiru is one of the topmost dancers we have in Tollywood. On the other hand, NBK has his own intriguing dance style. Imagining the two legends doing the Naatu Naatu dance is crazy but fun. Kudos to those who created this meme. We don’t know if the senior actors can perform as perfect as these young heroes did, but it surely will create similar waves.

Along with Srivalli, Oo Anatva, Kalavathi, and Arabic Kuthu, we know that even Naatu Naatu was responsible for arguably the biggest dance craze in recent times. Several netizens expressed their desire to see Chiru and NBK recreate this song. While we also hope for one such moment, let’s leave it to our imaginations until then!