That’s Why I Stayed Away From Media For 10 Years: Vijay

‘Thalapathy’ Vijay is a big star in Tamil with a humongous fan base. However, he has refrained from media interviews and appearing for movie promotions on media channels. As Vijay’s Beast is all set for theatrical release on 13th April, he has finally appeared in front of a TV channel for an interview.

During his interview, Vijay clarified the reason for him staying away from the media for so long. “It was not that I was busy that I couldn’t give interviews to promote my movies. I can certainly spare time for interviews. But it was a conscious decision to stay away from the media. This is because of one bad incident that took place 10 years ago. That’s when I had decided to stay away from the media for sometime. This gap became 10 years,” said Vijay.

Sharing the bad incident that took place years ago, Vijay said, “I had given an interview. They had turned it into a controversy by attributing to me what I had not spoken. Even my family, close friends were shocked after reading the interview and they told me that they couldn’t believe that I spoke so. I had clarified to them that I didn’t speak so. Since they are close to me, I could explain them. Whereas it is difficult to clarify for everyone. That’s when I decided to take a gap from the media.”

Talking about going on bicycle to cast his vote in the last election and the news became viral, Vijay said, “Many have gossiped about it. But the truth is that the polling station is right behind my house. When I came out of my house, my son suggested that I should go by his cycle. I took a cycle and went to cast the vote. But it became viral. I didn’t expect such a huge reaction. TV channels have aired it live. Seeing it, my son called and asked, ‘Is my cycle good?’ I just laughed off.”

Meanwhile, Vijay has responded over CM Stalin’s governance. He expressed satisfaction. He stated that the officials of all departments are working well now. “Earlier I used to follow only entertainment news. But now, I’m reading general news as well. Closely following all kinds of relevant news. Currently, all departments in the state are working fine.”

Vijay said that he believes in God. He said he visits Hindu Temples and offers pooja. He also said he also visits Churches and offers prayers. He said he also visits Dargas. Vijay said it’s not possible for him to go to Temples in Chennai. He said he visits famous Hindu Temples whenever he visits foreign countries. Vijay said that he gives complete freedom to his family on their religious preferences and interests.