Doctor Strange Writer In Awe Of RRR

Rajamouli’s RRR hit the screens a couple of months back but still, it is in the news. Despite the box office witnessing new releases, the prestigious multistarrer is constantly attracting the attention of movie lovers not just in home but also in foreign. Last night, Doctor Strange writer Robert Cargill took to his Twitter profile to share his views on the film.

Sharing his response to the movie, Robert wrote, “Friends came over last night to initiate me into the cult of RRR (RISE ROAR REVOLT) and I’m here to report I am now fully, truly, deeply a member. This is the craziest, most sincere, weirdest blockbuster I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure Jess and I are watching it again this week.”

Robert loved the film and is showing interest to catch up again with his wife this week. It proves that the Indian film has impressed everyone big time across the world.

Despite the film being made available to stream on multiple OTT platforms, the Americans are evincing interest to watch the film in the theatres as part of the re-release campaign. The distributors initially wanted to have only two screenings but considering the craze around the film, they increased the count.

Rajamouli is known for delivering a proper theatrical experience to the audience and he scored big with RRR. On the other hand, there are a few who comment that this is all a part of Netflix’s campaign to attract more viewership to their platform.

But, there are much bigger films on the platform which are not promoted at this length and it only shows that the response for RRR is genuine and unbeatable.

In other words, the reach of RRR is unparalleled.