Pic Talk: Southern Tsunami!

Films from south film industries have breached the walls of Bollywood. ‘Pushpa’ ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF’ are the three prime films in the recent past that really forced the Bollywood industry to rethink its position in Indian cinema.

All the three films mentioned above have their own space. ‘Pushpa’ was Allu Arjun’s first pan India film and he created a massive wave in the North with his (Thaggede Le) swag. Director Rajamouli who mastered the art of pan India genre,  delivered another blockbuster (He made it a habit) with ‘RRR.’

No one ever thought that a Kannada hero would emerge as a mass hero on a national level and Yash was the show-stopper of director Prashant Neel’s mining mafia drama ‘KGF’ series.

Allu Arjun, Rajamouli and Yash have featured on the cover of Business Today magazine and that speaks volumes of ‘Southern Tsunami.’ All the three have garnered an immense following in the north region but director Rajamouli deserves a special mention because he is currently India’s top director. And this is the second cover for Allu Arjun who recently featured in India Today’s magazine’s cover and his popularity is skyrocketing like never before. This edition of the magazine analysed how south Indian movies have turned conventional math on box office success on its head after all success is all about numbers at the end of the day. This has got to do with how south films caught the pulse of north audiences as the numbers speak for themselves.