Buzz: Brahmastra Impact On Prabhas’ Adipurush

The failure and success of any film eventually affect the results of other films that follow at the box office because a film’s result will set the tone and mood for the next releases. That too when a big budgeted extravaganza like “Brahmastra” justifies the content only to a certain extent, some of its factors will affect other movies too.

Apparently the big talk about “Brahmastra” is that the visual effects of the movie are not at all appealing. Reportedly the whole of Bollywood has watched the film now and they are noting down all the feedback being given by the audience on social media pages and everywhere. We are hearing that the team of the upcoming big-budgeted film Aadipurush including superstar Prabhas and his director Om Raut, are said to have noted big points now.

Even Aadipurush is full of visual effects and many CG scenes were already wrapped by the visual effects teams. However, after watching the Brahmastra movie, it is being heard that the makers of this Prabhas film have come to the conclusion that they need to re-work the visual effects of certain scenes and sequences. This is not because the visual effects that are wrapped so far are not great, but they have understood how not to confuse the audience by over-doing the CG graphics work.