Trisha Cleaning Social Media Handles, What’s Up?

Even before the likes of Samantha and Kajal Agarwal amassed huge fame on social media pages, it is Trisha Krishnan who got a tremendous number of followers and all the attention. But then, the actress has lost her glory at one point and her followers have stopped growing while newcomers have crossed her in no time.

Meanwhile, Trisha is trying to make a strong comeback these days but lost Chiranjeevi’s Acharya, saying that there are creative differences. Guess what, right now, all those tweets Trisha has posted earlier about so many things have disappeared from her timeline.

Similarly, on her Instagram page, there used to 100s of images and all of them disappeared except for 7 posts. One wonders what Trisha is up to, but cleaning up of social media is a signal of something for sure.

Many wonders if Trisha is really getting married to Simbu and settling down for which she has cleaned up her social media life as she wants to start afresh. Some say that she has kept them all in private mode as she is getting ready to make a big revelation on the social media platforms. Whatever it may be, her 2.4 million followers on Insta and 5.4 million fans on Twitter got upset with the happening.