What Did Pawan Kalyan and Team Discussed?

Other day Powerstar Pawan Kalyan sat with the team of “Hari Hara Veera Mallu” along with director Krish, music composer Keeravani, many other actors and chief technicians. They say that it is a ‘Pre Schedule Workshop’ and many are wondering what is that actually about.

In fact, if actors are reading the script and practicing dialogues, which is called a ‘reading session’, it should strictly have actors only. And if that is a team meeting, then there is no point in calling it a workshop. So what’s this meeting all about?

They say that both director Krish and superstar Pawan Kalyan have felt that the whole team is feeling low in morale with the repeated postponements of the shooting schedule. That’s the reason, from heroine Nidhi Aggerwal to other artists like Sunil, Subbaraju, Hyper Adhi, and Raghubabu have attended the session along with producer AM Ratnam.

While they have discussed the pending scenes of the film that were to be shot, the main goal is to bring back that energy and high morale into the team including the VFX technicians, music team, and others. Also, they have done the reading session too with Pawan Kalyan uttering some dialogues from the scenes and enthralling his team. As the new schedule of the movie will be commencing from mid-October, this morale-boosting is what they wanted and it has turned out to be good.