Liger Settlement: Puri Approaches Police, Asks Protection For Family

Director Puri Jagannath today filed a complaint against Warangal Sreenu for allegedly blackmailing and harassment. The Liger director also included financier G Sobhan Babu in the complaint for threatening violence and instigating others to commit violence against Puri and his family in Hyderabad.

Puri further requested police protection for his family in Hyderabad. The other day, a voice message of Puri Jagannath leaked wherein the director ridiculed the moves of so-called distributors and their plans to instigate other exhibitors to demand compensation from Puri for Liger’s losses.

The Liger director clearly stated that he agreed to compensate the losses just as an act of empathy and that he really need not pay anything to anybody if he did not want to.

In the complaint, Puri Jagannath alleged that Warangal Sreenu had defaulted under the Film distribution agreement and he defaulted the amounts to pay for other sub-distributors. Puri further alleged that Warangal Sreenu has gathered the sub-distributors by instigating and falsely representing that he (Puri) owes them amounts and would reimburse them.

In the complaint, he mentioned that he has been staying in Mumbai and his family is staying in Hyderabad residence, where Warangal Sreenu and sub-distributors are planning to enter his premises in the name of dharna and harass his family to illegally extract monies. Demanding strict action against them, Puri Jagannath asked for police protection for him and his family in Hyderabad.