Tollywood Ends The Dry Spell With The ‘HIT’

Adivi Sesh is one of the successful heroes in Telugu. With back-to-back films, the actor is trying to entertain the audience with quality content. After Major, Sesh has come up with an interesting film now, titled HIT 2. The film is the sequel to HIT.

Since November, the box office was more like a dry spell rather than anything else. Even Megastar’s ‘Godfather’ reported losses despite the positive talk, while ‘Yashoda’ which received decent talk could make it to the houseful boards. Meanwhile, the small films like Massoda and Love Today done well within their range. But ‘HIT: The Second Case’ seems report some big numbers.

Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, ‘HIT: The Second Case’ stars Adivi Sesh in the lead role and deals with a mysterious serial killer who challenges his wits when he comments about the intelligence of the criminals. The film managed to create a good buzz before the release itself, and Sesh’s ‘Major’ success has helped the film to carry forward the image he generated.

Although there’s not much innovative or creative about the film, the reception was quite decent, and the talk spread across the film. By the end of the day, the film managed to collect around 6 CR share, which actually boosted most of the distributor’s morale.

The film is performing well at the USA box office as well. The movie is inching towards 500K$ at the USA ticket windows. The film is on a mission to become successful overseas as well.

It looks like ‘HIT: The Second Case’ has given the much-needed boost to the box -office. The next releases that might have a hand in the box- office are Ravi Teja’s ‘Dhamaka’ & Nikhil’s ’18 Pages’.