BO: Why Is Dec 9th Getting Lots Of Attention? 

All of a sudden, the date December 9th become quite a sought-after date by many Telugu films. Though none of them is getting good theatres, they are just rushing to the release and there is a reason behind this. 

We could already see that Colors Swathi’s Panchatantram, Satya Dev’s Gurthunda Seethakalam, Adith Arun’s Prema Desam and Color Photo fame director Sandeep’s Mukhachitram are heading for Dec 9th release only. Apart from these films, some not-so-popular movies like Leharayi, Aakrosham, Cheppalani Vundi which are focusing high on promotions, are also targeting the same date. Wonder why? 

In fact, Dec 9th is the only slot available if any films want to rush to theatres because from then, there are no slots for the release of small movies for the next two months. On Dec 16th we have Avatar 2 ready to sweep the whole of India, and in Telugu also two big producers are releasing it. We have Raviteja’s Dhamaka and Nikhil’s 18 Pages hitting the marquee on Dec 23rd. After that, by the Sankranthi festival, all the theatres will be occupied by the film that score hit among the above, and then with Waltair Veerayya, Veerasimha Reddy and Veerasimha Reddy. 

In a nutshell, until the end of January 2023, there will not be a single theatre available for these movies, while they could get a week of a good time now if they hit cinemas on December 9th. But the moot question is if the makers of these movies think that they made a quality film, why would they settle for just a week or two at the box office?