Moving In With Malaika: This Is What You Can Expect

From tomorrow the episodes of hottie Malaika Arora’s latest show for Disney+Hotstar, “Moving In With Malaika” gets aired. And if the promo of the series is anything to go by, surely it is about showing the actress-dancer-enterpreneur’s personal life to the public. 

Showcasing her bikini-clad body and talking to her best friends like Kareena Kapoor, Farah Khan and others, Malaika made comments about her personal life in a big way. “I’ve moved on. My Ex has moved on. So, you (people) too should move on” she says, using some slang and cuss words. Before that, she said, “Whatever the word says” and showed a finger gesture, implying she doesn’t care an F. And the show will mostly consist these types of revelations only like it happened in the case of “The Bollywood Wives” streams on Netflix. 

On the other hand, there is also a buzz that towards the end of the show, Malaika might even come up with an announcement regarding her impending wedding to hero Arjun Kapoor. They might even talk about the age difference between them on the show. With lots of masala and spice in the show, Hotstar is hoping that this show will create record viewership.