Record: 17 Films To Hit The Screens This Friday

Generally, we witness one or two released every Friday. At the most, we may have four-five releases on rare occasions. But this Friday, we are going to witness 17 theatrical releases. This is indeed a record in the Telugu film industry.

As there are no slots for the next one and a half months after December 15, all small films lined up their releases this Friday. The makers are not concerned about the number of theatres and they just want their films to be released in theatres.

The noted releases of this week are Satya Dev’s Gurthunda Seethakalam, Sandeep Raaj’s Mukhachitram and Panchatantram. All these films are made long back and are struggling to hit the screens for the last few months.

Apart from these flicks, we have many other releases like Prema Desam, Cheppalani Undi, Leharayi, Raja Yogam, Ram Gopal Varma’s Dangerous and Vijayanand. The makers haven’t spent money on promotions as well and are entirely depending on the mouth talk. Let’s see how they fare at the box office.