A Black Friday For New Movies

The last weekend we had as many as dozen releases but none of them actually managed to engage the audience, which ended up being a really disappointing weekend. With so many film releases, the traders had some expectation of making at least table profits, but it looks like that’s not the case.

‘Mukhachitram’ had a good buzz ahead of its release, but the film couldn’t manage to gain at least an average talk. 

On the other hand, the star-studded film ‘Gurthunda Seethakalam’ failed to even gain a talk on social media. The makers tried to bank on the image of Sathya Dev & Tammannah but failed miserably. 

And then comes the anthology ‘Panchatanthram’ which also featured stars with a recognisable image. Initially, the film’s reports were very decent, but as the day progressed, there wasn’t much noise on social media. 

And the debuts like ‘Leharaayi’, ‘Vijay Anand’ and others as such ended up having their shows cancelled.

With such a low business rate over the weekend, trade pundits stated that the cold-rainy weather is taking a toll on the audience too as the content being delivered in theatres is very much as of on OTTs and audiences are simply preferring to watch it warmly at home rather than travelling & shivering in the cinemas.