Rashmika About Srivalli’s Rise, Samantha, And VD – Exclusive Interview With Gulte

Pushpa The Rise became so successful that it went to make noise all over the country. Needless to say that the second half is one of the most awaited films. Well, ‘Srivalli’, Rashmika raised the bar much higher for Pushpa: The Rule during her recent interview with Gulte.com.

Rashmika was asked what is she going to do in Pushpa 2 because her character in the first part is calmer and with no surprises. Rashmika has got an interesting reply for the same.

Agreeing with the fact that Pushpa: The Rise concluded with a different arc in the character of Allu Arjun that has shades of negativity and darkness, Rashmika says her role also will have a different standpoint in the second part.

When asked if there is a change in her character to stand against the power of ‘Pushpa’, Rashmika says that the first part if just an introduction to Srivalli’s character, and one has to wait for the second part. For those who had been asking, ‘Okay Srivalli is there in Pushpa The Rule, what does she do?’, Rashmika says, ‘Just watch out for the second part’

The shooting of the film Pushpa The Rule may begin in January or February, whenever the set is ready.

I Am A Very Possessive Mama For Samantha..

When asked about how Rashmika felt about Samantha when she first heard about the latter’s health condition. Rashmika said, ‘For me, Samantha is just a wonder lady she is. She is graceful, beautiful heart and like a person that I walways want to protect. I am very possessive mama when it comes to her. I only knew about her condition when she put it out and I think she did not want to talk about something like that before she was willing the worldto know.’

‘I only wish the best to her. I always admire her and look up to her and I want to her to win all of her battles. It’s same with me seven years ago and it is the same with me now. I am always gonna be the person who is extremely possessive of her. She is a woman of utmost grace, love and care. I want the world to have only love for her.’