Chiru Wants ‘Donga Na Dodukulu’ Story, But…

During some special interviews along with Massraja Raviteja, Megastar Chiranjeevi quite jovially revealed a lot of stuff that happened behind the making of “Waltair Veerayya”. When an anchor asked if Chiru would team up with Raviteja again, the matinee idol not just said yes, but also gave an idea to writers as to how the story should be. 

“Actually if someone could come up with a story idea like, there are two thieves who are just ‘donga na dodukulu’ and who have become thieves to catch the thieves, then it will look good. If some writer or director could think on these lines, and wrap the story will all the necessary commercial ingredients, we are ready to do it immediately” said Chiranjeevi.

Adding to this, Raviteja said, “There are English films like Rush Hour and MIB, and if one could come up with a such idea, we will do the film immediately”. 

But then, all those story ideas are already taken and having the right story in hand won’t actually help. It’s the director’s narrative style, tight screenplay and detailing that actually works. It has to be seen of any director takes these hints and come up with a potential script.