What’s Wrong With Buttabomma Casting?

Though the Malayalam original Kappela is a runaway hit in Kerala, surely the remake wouldn’t get similar attention if the emotional feel is not carried. Despite making all good efforts in terms of visuals and making, Butta Bomma didn’t get that appeal and there seems to be one valid reason behind this.

If we look at the casting in this film, from Hero’s sisters to the heroine’s friends, side characters, comedians, hero’s pekata gang— all consist of YouTubers from different popular YouTube networks companies that cater to Telugu audiences. And it looks like that is a big minus for the film. As these folks are always known for their comedy, silly romance and routine content on YouTube, watching Buttabomma with them has really cut down the real feel of the Araku setup and the love theme.

While scenes themselves haven’t had that Araku flavour touching us like how Satyadev’s Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya gave us the best, casting these social media stars has further let that down. The makers might have thought that using all these YouTubers will give a superb pull to the film, but actually, it is doing the bad because the excessive presence of that gang simply made people feel like watching short films.

Though some good dialogues at parts and music are a plus, this miscasting had its negative effect in urban areas and towns where these YouTubers are actually popular. Until Arjun Das’s entry in the second half, the film doesn’t get that cinematic feel. That’s why they say, casting matters!